Alex Fuentes (AKA LOS FOKOS) is an illustrator/ graphic designer. Born and bred in Los Angeles, he survived his youth by consuming equal doses of comic books, graffiti, art nouveau, the metaphysical and slasher B-movies. This mix of influences helped to pave his path as a self taught artistic chameleon. His ability to shift gears and illustrate in a variety of styles and media has given him the opportunity to create artwork for companies worldwide and be featured in numerous publications and galleries.

Alex’s work carries itself coinciding on a fine line between personal projects and corporately commissioned ventures.

His muse (his vibrant children) and the lingering impact of nostalgia continues to drive and expand the visual language in Alex’s personal and commercial work. Pushing him further into a world where animals never go extinct; A place where honest giddiness and childlike curiosity is never scarce.


Nike, Chiat Day/Adidas, Reebok, Levi’s, Random House/Scholastic, Fox Sports/ Daytona 500, Marvel, Popular Mechanics, Microsoft. Insomniac Games, Sony Music, Kraft, Disney, Target, WalMart, Hot Topic, Band Merch (LOTS of Bands), Young & Rubicam/ Wenner Group, The Salvation Army, and many more…


  • West Berlin Gallery (GER): “Blood Sweat Vector” 2009,
  • South Pasadena (US): “Hey You Guys” 2009,
  • Gallery Nucleus (US): “Power In Numbers” 2008,
  • South Pasadena (US): “Hey You Guys” 2008,
  • Magic Pony (CAN): “Masters Of The Universe” 2007,
  • Thinkspace (US): “ReMission” 2007,
  • Gallery Nucleus (US): “Power In Numbers” 2007,
  • Gallery Nucleus (US): The Ninja Show” 2007,
  • Maverick Room (AUS): “The Insulin Show” 2006,
  • Gallery Nucleus (US): “Power In Numbers” 2006,
  • Thinkspace (US): “Cotton to Canvas” 2006,
  • Gallery Nucleus (US): “Power In Numbers” 2005,